Static Display.

Our Auster TW536 is available for static display. As a static exhibit TW536 is ideal as we take up a fairly small area and the public can get very close and chat with the crew. We will supply an information board with photos and stay with the aircraft as much as possible to chat to people. We are self supporting and don't require any equipment. We even bring our own chocks. We can also give out stickers and photos to the public. Events we have attended in the past include Cosford Airshow , RAFA Shoreham Airshow and Abingdon Air and Country show. We can also attend small shows and fly ins and private events.


Flying Display.

TW536 is available for flying displays. Our flying display is flown between 200 and 300 ft and consists of flypast with 360 degree orbits and slow and fast flypast. We are allowed to fly 50 Metres from the crowdline and as slow as 40 Knots so are ideal for the smaller shows. TW536 is fairly new to the display circuit so would be a good item to add. Being a small aircraft not requiring any ground support TW536 is a cost effective addition to any display. We can display at Airshows and country shows as well as re enactment shows. We can operate from the show or fly in on slot from base or another airfield.